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Photos, latest top, below show  the early phase of the  build up to frames and bulkheads  in place

Status on February 28th 6% ahead of schedule and on course for rolling over end of March

John Cairney prefabricating the 10 bollards that will soon secure 
Pelagic Australis to some of the wildest places on earth


“Remington” monitors the cutting. In two hours this single one man operation would have taken days by a team using traditional ‘by hand’ methods.

The structure of the watertight bulkheads is prefabricated on the shop floor.

Kommie  Nayager bends a frame  on the Eckhold Forming Machine

Gerald “The Spider” Manning, General Manager Jurgen Cobarg, Rob Lansing and Project Manager David King inspecting some of the CNC cut parts from the computer program.

Rob and Skip on Deck Skip and Rob Lansing atop the deck, now ready to receive deck beams and frames in this ‘classic’ upside down construction.

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