Lara Novak assists her father with the launch of Pelagic Australis. 
Photo: © Bruce Humphrey see or e-mail 


1. PELAGIC AUSTRALIS LAUNCHED 26 SEPTEMBER –  On September 26th at 1100 Pelagic Australis was swung out above Durban Harbour by a 400 tonne floating crane and the bow was lowered over the jetty at Southern African Shipyards. Skip’s 16 month old daughter Lara Thetis Australis broke the bottle over the port bow (scaring herself in the process) and the 74 foot expedition vessel was soon floating to a great round of applause from the team at SAS.  

The following day the Sparcrat rig was stepped and sails will be bent on this week. We hope to be sailing by next weekend. 

Skip wishes to thank the team at Southern African Shipyards for a superb job. He also thanks his equipment sponsors for their support, among them Raymarine, Nera, Quantum Sails, Harken, Musto and Yamaha.

More news coming with the trials!   Click here for more launch photos

2. BREAKING THE ICE - Both Pelagics to support this unique mission of peace where a team of 4 Palestinians and 4 Israelis will join forces to take on the challenges of Antarctica to promote understanding. See  for more details.

3. TIERRA DEL FUEGO AND BEAGLE CHANNEL MARCH-APRIL 2004 - To conclude Pelagic Australis’ first southern hemisphere season we are offering two 14 day cruises in the Tierra del Fuego area taking in the Beagle Channel and Cape Horn. This cruise is suitable for a group of 8-10 people or on an individual basis. Cost will be $400 USD per person per day or $5600 in total. The first cruise departing Puerto Williams on March 15 will visit Cape Horn and then transit the entire Beagle Channel ending on the Straits of Magellan at Punta Arenas on March 28. The second charter beginning on April 3 will back track this route ending at Puerto Williams on April 16 and will also include a visit to Cape Horn. Itinerary can be adjusted to suit a group’s objectives. Please e-mail us  to register your interest. 

4. WILDLIFE AND WAR - Two places remain on this two week cruise around the Falklands on a voyage guided by Ewen Southby-Tailyour, author of the definitive guide to Falklands waters and adviser to the Commander of the Marine Commando Brigade during the Falklands War. Cost is 2500 GBP per person. Click here for more details or e-mail us at us  to book the remaining two places.

5. ANTARTICA FEB – MARCH 2004 – The original Pelagic is available for group charter to Antarctic, South Georgia or Tierra del Fuego from early February to the end March. Cost for the vessel is $1500 USD per day.

6. SIX THOUSAND MILES AND AN EQUATOR CROSSING - DELIVERY TRIP FROM PUNTA ARENAS TO THE UK Departure mid to end of April, dates to be confirmed. Pelagic Australis will sail from Tierra del Fuego to the UK via Brazil, Cape Verdes and the Azores. This six week ocean passage which is ideal for gaining sea time for RYA qualifications. Cost is 3500 GBP.

7. PELAGIC IN THE ARCTIC In the summer of 2004 Pelagic Expeditions will be offering charters in the Northern Hemisphere on the new Pelagic Australis. Planned itinerary includes Scotland, Norway, Spitzbergen, Greenland and Labrador. More details in our next newsletter but e-mail  to register your interest prior to that anytime.

8. PLANS FOR 2004 / 2005 SEASON - Berths available on delivery trips to South America in and Sept/October 2004. Ideal start for a Gap Year adventure or building significant ocean miles and claiming an equator crossing under sail. In October/November 2004 we are planning two 28 day cruises to South Georgia starting from and returning to Stanley in the Falkland Islands. Cost will be $12,000 per person or by negotiation for group charters. Please register your interest and e-mail .

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