Julian Atwood on a strong pull

  • Season Opens with S. Georgia Trip - Mt Ashley climbed - Mt Nordenskjold attempted

  • 6 days of Easterlies to S. Georgia on second Trip

  • Bruce Pearson Artist on Board

  • S.  Georgia Oct/Nov 2010 with Stephen Venables

  • Short Notice Antarctica Opportunity for one departing 31 Dec 2009

  • Slideshows of The Trip

Second S Georgia trip of 09/10 season. " a rugged six days in getting to the island,
much of which was against strong easterlies

The season is in full swing. Pelagic Australis and crew are back on the island of South Georgia for the second time, having spent a rugged six days in getting to the island, much of which was against strong easterlies. This is not unheard of, but infrequent and all we can say to the clients is, ‘Bad luck, but savour the uncertainty of sailing with Pelagic Expeditions!” The upside after the weather had cleared was a glorious, calm, sunny day making landfall at 50 miles out and a great sail down the north coast to Grytviken. On November 22nd Skipper Stew Richardson reported that it was snowing heavily and they already had a foot of the white stuff on the deck.

Mt Nordenskjold and Mt Ashley

The October trip was a memorable one as we had on board eight members of the South Georgia Association, many of whom worked as field researchers for the British Antarctic Survey, back in the 70’s. This was an action packed trip, enhanced by failure on Mt. Nordenskjold and success on Mt Ashley by Skip, Crag Jones and Julian Attwood. Click here to go to the full story>>

Crag Jones, Julian Attwood


Mt Nordenskjold the way forward and upwards

Room with a view

Mt Nordenskjold from upper glacier

Well down the Nordenskjold Glacier looking back at the Paget massif

Mt Ashley from Bay of Isles

Skip on the summit of Mount Ashley

Bruce Pearson - Artist  On Board

Bruce Pearson, wildlife artist, was one of our SG Assoc. guests. He impressed us all by assembling an enormous quantity of canvasses painted on deck and onshore, most of which was in some fairly harsh conditions. We all have good photos of our trips to the island, but if anyone wishes to have a painting by Bruce, contact him via this link W:

Bruce Pearson paints Shag Rocks

Oct/Nov 2010 - South Georgia with Stephen Venables

Next season, for the October and November South Georgia expeditions, the British mountaineer and Pelagic veteran Stephen Venables hopes to lead up to seven guests on the Shackleton Traverse, or possibly other mountaineering objectives. He also has an itinerary for the Antarctic Peninsula in January/February. Go to this link for the full details

This season Pelagic Australis still has capacity for the April 1st 2010 two week cruise in Tierra del Fuego and around Cape Horn. We are also filling out the RYA Delivery to Buenos Aires, beginning May 13th. The RYA training run, because of the change of destination from Cape Town to BA, will mean more inshore sailing and more time in Tierra del Fuego plus several stops at the outer islands of the Falklands. This is also a more cost effective voyage as clients can fly in and out of BA. Click here for the Sailing Programmes Menu or email Skip on 

OPPORTUNITY: One place available for the December 31st 2009 to January 20th 2010 Antarctic cruise. A group of eight Russians has lost one member, so they are offering this place at a substantial discount. Email Skip for details.

Always remember, the original Pelagic is currently being recommissioned in Stanley by Skipper Miles Wise and mate Laura Parish, and starts her season with a cruise to the Peninsula during the first days in January. She is then engaged until March 20th 2010 and thereafter available for any custom whole boat charter.

Cheers, Skip

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