Pelagic Australis

On 19 May 2021 Peagic Australis was handed over to Greenpeace and is now no longer part of our fleet. As an important part of the Pelagic story we have retained the vessel's particulars and backstory on the website.

Handover day to Greenpeace Cape Town 19 May2021


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LOA 22.5ms
LWL 19.2ms
Beam 5.9ms
Draft min 1.2ms
Draft max 3.9ms
Sail Area
Sail Area
Disp 48,410kgs
Fuel:  6500 liters
Water:  2500 liters


Pelagic Australis was built at Southern African Shipyards (Pty) Ltd. 10 Rotterdam Road, Bayhead, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Tel: +27 31 204 3400. Fax: +27 31 205 2181

"I spent much of my younger years at sea captaining vessels from 40' to 120' in length. I found the Pelagic Australis to be one of the finest, cleanest, most well organized and thought out vessels that could have been constructed for arctic and antarctic expeditions. It comes with a highly professional crew that have thought out everything for your safety, enjoyment, and adventure. It was the greatest voyage of my life. I must return one day to the high latitudes and my first choice will be upon the Pelagic Australis."

Captain Jack Frost www.shilohplace.org

Pelagic Australis was conceived as a successor to the present Pelagic which for the past 14 years has been based in Southern South America providing logistic support for adventure charters. It is also intended that Pelagic II be fast enough under sail and power to each year traverse the length of the Atlantic in order to work the northern summer in the Arctic. This means she should be able to achieve a 10 knot average in normal conditions.

Pelagic Australis' principal features are an aluminium hull and deck structure specified to be able to withstand navigation in brash ice without deforming hull plates between frames. A fully ballasted lifting swing keel and swing rudder will allow her to navigate in unsurveyed shallows, gain protection from drift ice by being able to enter shallow waters and also be able to dry out with the tide in an upright position.

Pelagic Australis pilot house

Design of the pilothouse came first and then the boat underneath it. This focal point of the boat will have a steering station, the nav gear, chart table, foul weather gear storage and boot locker (heated by rising air from the heater below) and a pilot berth/settee, with enough space to have four or five people comfortably mooching around. Outside of the watertight door, a halfway house for three or four people gives overhead shelter but is in direct communication with the outside steering position, the sail control systems and a small cockpit. Here, people will be sheltered and have room for camera equipment at the ready, safety equipment etc.

Pelagic Australis will be able to accommodate up to twelve team members including a professional skipper and one or possibly two crew depending on the ability of the party.

Equipment for use by the client:

>> 2 x 4 meter inflatable boats with 25 HP outboards
>> Dive compressor - Bauer Utilus 10 225 Bar
>> Bottle bank – 8 x 12 liter bottles with A frame and DIN fittings
>> Foul weather gear

Communication Equipment

>> Inmarsat Nera Fleet 77 satellite terminal – voice and data at 64 K
>> Inmarsat C satellite telex terminal - for email/fax store and forward only
>> SSB HF radio for ship to ship comms including amateur frequencies
>> Irridium antenna for use with clients handset
>> VHF Marine radio
>> 4 x Icom handheld VHF radios
>> Iridium phone with data for email

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Pelagic Australis
Interior Tour

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From 2.Forward Cabin

From 1.  Forepeak

From 4. Aft Cabin

From 3. Mid Cabin

From 5. Saloon

From 6. Saloon

From 7. Galley

From 8. Comms & Edit Suite



Pelagic Australis rafted up with Pelagic in Antarctica