Film Project Support

Since our debut in southern waters in 1988, the Pelagics have supported and featured in dozens of documentary films from half as many countries. See the Past Clients section for our record with links to some of these projects.

These films have covered a variety of subjects. In some cases the boat and crew have been central to the story. This was the case in the many ‘sailing to climb’ adventure stories we have shot; for example in our award winning Italian produced climbing films and also in three one hour long programs with Gary Jobson for ESPN sports world wide.

Filming on board for BBC 3 Dogs series

More recently the original Pelagic was central to the episode of the BBC 's Three Dogs series which featured Robin Knox-Johnston taking Ranulph Fiennes and John Simpson to Cape Horn

In other shoots we have been passive, but still present in the story; for example when supporting the Irish Shackleton adventure which was featured on Irish television and then sold to the Discovery Channel. Of course, we can also be ‘invisible’ to the story for example when logistically supporting a wild life film.

Left: Fulvio Mariani - Iceberg Films

Because of our experience working with many different production companies of different nationalities and actually taking part (the boat and the crew) in the film making, we are aware of the needs and requirements of producers, directors and cameramen.

On board, we are fully equipped with diving equipment and compressor for underwater projects. For mountaineering we have all the basic equipment for a party of two including pulks, tentage and hardware for glacier travel.

Filming a Climber on an iceberg

This is especially useful for any film team with no climbing experience who wishes to safely get some overhead views while in the Antarctic where glacier travel carries some risk.

Left: Marco Preti - Coral Climb Productions.

Below decks, we are equipped to store filming equipment and film stock in a dry environment in the main cabin area. In the forepeak, we have a bulk stowage area that can accommodate 1 tonne or 3 cubic meters of equipment. We can also charge 220 volt, 110 volt, 24 volt and 12 volt filming equipment and our tool bench and materials store is fully equipped in order to accomplish almost any on board repair.

Finally, for any party wishing to make a film, but with no prior filming experience, we can suggest director/cameramen who are experienced in mountaineering and/or sailing film making. We can also advise you on how to set up and market your own production operation.

BBC crew supported by Pelagic filming in the South Orkney Islands

BBC 3 Dogs film team at work ashore at Cape Horn