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17.06.2012 - Pelagic Newsletter

Arrival for refit Cape Town - Remaining availability for 12/13 season - Cape Town to Falklands delivery Sept 2012

Pelagic Australis safely docked in Cape Town after 21 days at sea from Stanley, including a brief stop in Tristan da Cunha (were they were immediately seconded into a ‘search and rescue’ for a local who had been swept out to sea – who was never found). This was our end of season project and delivery for our annual refit in South Africa.

Pelagic Australis enters Alfred Basin

Under the lifting bridge with Table Mountain in the background

Beginning in Puerto Williams Chile, our six ‘students’ took the five day RYA Yachtmaster Offshore Shorebased Course and all passed with flying colors They then went on to log 5000 sea miles with a cruise through the Beagle Channel, around Cape Horn, pub crawl in Stanley and offshore to Cape Town. This is a trip for all ages – we had two 19 year old Hobie sailors working to get their Yachtmaster tickets and four ‘mature’ yachtsmen (and one woman) doing the course and the delivery as a life enhancing experience. Value for money it is our best offer. Check it out for 2013.

The refit is well underway. All systems will be checked as usual, safety equipment verified and inspected, our MCA Category 0 inspection conducted by DNV are among the many items on the list. Most suggestions by our guests for more and more elaborate equipment have been denied as usual. Keep it simple is the key!

Trips on offer that must be considered, as there is not much left for next season.

South Georgia, Nov 10th to December 8th 2012, 3 places available

This 28 day all round wildlife and historical cruise to one of the worlds most rugged and inspiring pieces of Terra Firma in the Southern Ocean will also include several day treks across parts of the island where the boat drops off and picks up in a different location. The ‘Last Day of the Shackleton Traverse’ is a classic.

See  for details.

Tierra del Fuego and Cape Horn 30 Mar - 12 Apr 2013 and 20 Apr - 3 May 2013 places available

This is one of our most popular cruises for sailors wishing to sail around Cape Horn and explore the interior of the Tierra del Fuegan archipelago via the Beagle Channel made famous by Fitzroy and Darwin. This is a 14 day cruise with every night on anchor and tied to the trees. Every day is another adventure on land, navigating between points of interest on a relatively calm sea in the channels. This is a cruise for those of you who are otherwise violently sea sick! It will not happened on this cruise.

See  for more details

Cape Town to Stanley Delivery 1 Sep - 24 Sep 2012

Lastly, our return delivery from Cape Town to Stanley in the Falklands is being offered to travelers wishing for an offshore experience (no land in between) and to use as a launching off point for further travel in South America. Departure September 1st, arrival about September 24th.

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