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22.05.2024 - Skip's Latest Book Launches

For those of you who read Yachting World from time to time, you have no doubt read a few of my column pieces over the eight year period beginning in 2014. The 101 articles collated herein are mainly opinion pieces on a variety of topics of all things in sailing, along with a few yarns thrown in. Not to be read from cover to cover, it is more of a ‘pick up and read a few pages’ while on watch, to have on your bedside table or alongside when on the loo . . . . Enjoy! Sir Robin Knox-Johnston did, as he wrote the forward . . . .

The tongue-in-cheek sketches are by my dear friend Davide Besana in Italy.

At the beginning of the book is the appeal to my readers:

“And if an author in recording what has interested himself differs from editors – so everlastingly concerned with what may interest others, he may no less, knowing himself the only worthwhile thing for him to be, hope that a hundred thousand souls will see him as the mirror of themselves – and buy his book.”
Rockwell Kent
N by E

From Bloomsbury/Adlard Coles:
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And of course:

Cheers Skip


Vinson of Antarctica running in a South Atlantic Gale