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14.07.2014 - Special offer to join the Westwind Project and combine science and adventure with a trip to South Georgia in October 2015

This is a ‘special offer’ from Pelagic Expeditions. Not in any way less expensive as ‘special offers,’ usually are; in fact it is more expensive. Based on Pelagic Australis, it is a once off opportunity to combine your quest for a real adventure with a contribution to scientific fieldwork, from sea level to high altitudes, in one of the most spectacular island wilderness areas left on earth.   For more about South Georgia see our destinations brief here >>

In October 2015 we will be once again supporting Prof. Paul Mayewski from the Climate Change Institute at the University of Maine, for another ice coring expedition on the sub Antarctic island of South Georgia. Here is his mission statement: Download pdf here>>

Professor Paul Mayewski S. Georgia Ice coring expedition leader in 2012.  Click image for slide show

Paul and his team were with us in 2012. In spite of very difficult weather conditions, they managed to extract and analyze ice cores which produced positive findings and identified the need for a higher altitude reconnaissance.

We are looking for four volunteers to assist Paul, myself and his team in a month long expedition to South Georgia. Volunteers who are mountain capable and fit will be field assistants carrying loads on skis and sleds up to a base camp on one of the islands glaciers and then helping drill ice cores and supporting the three or four researchers for a 7 to 10 day period.


Taking an ice core on the Norderskjold Glacier in 2012.  Click image for slide show

Hard work? Yes. But believe me, to be camped up high for an extended period watching the island below in all its changeable moods is not to be underestimated. For those preferring to stay on board Pelagic Australis, in addition to and part of collecting ‘old ice’ in coastal regions, the vessel will be visiting the usual wildlife and historical points of interest which are a part of our South Georgia cruises. (link here to our normal SG programme).

For our part, and due to the limited numbers possible on board, Pelagic Expeditions will contribute one free place for a researcher. We are looking for like minded volunteers to also stick their hands up for this one off opportunity.

Contact Skip asap on or +27 724324277 for more details. If you are the least bit inclined, I would not linger in the decision as I expect these four places to fill up fast.

As Bill Tilman might have said, “Let’s put on our boots and go . . . .”

Everyone goes on and on about climate change. This is your chance to learn the realities first hand (over a glass or two while on board) from one of the world's foremost team of experts.


University of Maine’s Climate Change Institute - Ice Coring Expedition in South Georgia