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17.03.2022 PRESS RELEASE - Second Pelagic 77 to be built by KM Yachtbuilders.

It is announced today that a sister ship for Vinson of Antarctica, the first Pelagic 77, (above) will be built by KM Yachtbuilders.

A sistership for Vinson of Antarctica, the first Pelagic 77, (above) will be built by KM Yachtbuilders.

This week the contracts were signed for the construction and build of a second Pelagic 77 sail yacht, after the successful launch of the first one in 2021 by KM Yachtbuilders in the Netherlands.

KM Yachtbuilders is tasked with building almost an exact copy of the first Pelagic 77. The construction of the aluminium hull will commence this month and delivery is set for early 2024.

“Everyone at the yard is thrilled with this news. We have had repeat customers before, but to build a second unit of such a custom project is a big compliment to receive.” says Jildou Huisman, sales & marketing manager. Eeuwe Kooi, founder of KM Yachtbuilders adds: “It was great working with the team from the owner’s side for the first time and I’m confident it will be the same for the second yacht too. The Vinson of Antarctica is a yacht we are very proud of and even prouder to build the second one.”

Vinson of Antarctica the first Pelagic 77 on sea trials in the Solent 2021

Skip Novak, the commercial director of Pelagic Expeditions, explains why a second yacht will be build:
“The decision to build a sistership to the Vinson of Antarctica was based on the success of this design concept which over the first year of her life has supported four worthwhile projects, their content contributing to our educational arm for schools in Chile and Spain. This included a north south traverse of the Atlantic Ocean into the southern hemisphere of operation where Vinson will now be based in the southern South American sector.

In the aftermath of our first project right out of the builder’s yard, supporting a German geological team on Svalbard in July of 2021, it was clear there is more work to be done in the northern hemisphere. Climate change science, film support and reportage need a vessel like Vinson and in fact the geographical scope is wider than in the southern sector, although with a shorter season. The countries that border the arctic basin have interests in the prognoses of climate change which not only impact the flora and fauna of those regions but also the livelihoods of the local communities. Not least of all commercial interests are at stake with ice free shipping lanes opening up. Questions and resolutions of disputed territories will also inform issues surrounding mineral extraction. Hence, the arctic is a grand theatre of geopolitics. These events as they unfold and evolve need to be monitored and told to the global audience. A platform of our Pelagic 77 concept is a perfect tool to achieve these endeavours.

Embarking on such an ambitious two boat campaign operating sometimes simultaneously at the opposite ends of the earth, is not taken lightly. However, our project team of designers, builders, crew and educators are up to the task and we welcome the challenges ahead.”

Nicolas Ibañez Scott is the Chairman of Drake Foundation and the promoter and main backer of this social enterprise.

"Our satisfaction with the Vinson of Antarctica, and her first expeditions in the Southern Hemisphere, leads us to make the decision of building a second unit: A sister ship that will focus her area of operations in the Arctic zone.
The brilliant team assembled for the project was yet another reason to accept this new challenge. Skip's experience, together with Tony Castro's talent and the good work of KM Yachtbuilders, resulted in a great boat that perfectly fulfills her purpose."

Naval Architect Tony Castro adds:
“It is very rare that an owner of a custom yacht decides to build a sistership for himself. Needless to say, we are extremely pleased that he likes the design so much that he is happy to have a second one, albeit to operate in a different part of the world.”

To commemorate this exciting news the following video about the Pelagic 77 has been released.

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Vinson of Antarctica the first Pelagic 77 on sea trials at Makkum in 2021

Pelagic 77 Vinson of Antarctica
anchored with steadying sail Svalbard 2021