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Pelagic Australis Photo Sailing Safari in The Falkland Islands - Guided by Rick Tomlinson - 2 - 16 Nov 2019 - A 14 day tour of the islands' finest wildlife sanctuaries and places of photographic interest by sailing vessel.

Wildlife up close in the Falklands

This two week cruise in early November is in the southern spring at the height of the wildlife season for all things that fly and swim.  Among other attractions, one of the islands in the far west is home to the biggest Black Browed albatross colony in the world. Gentoo and Rock Hopper penguin colonies are many, as are other flying sea birds, birds of prey and water fowl. Sea lions, dolphins and whales are abundant.

Nesting Black Browed Albatross feeds its young.

At this time of year weather can be windy but is generally clear and dry on the downside of the Andes. The program will be flexible to account for the weather and sailing will be short passages between the sites. Guests will be involved with the sailing as much as they like but there are 3 professional crew onboard to look after the boat.

The celebrated marine and wildlife photographer Rick Tomlinson (left) will be leading this photo safari and he will be helping our guests make the most of their photography either from on board, from the Zodiac or while hiking on land.  To see examples of his work visit

Every day will be full on! The cruise begins in Port San Carlos on the west side of East Falkland, joining Pelagic Australis by Land Rover, in order to get a head start out to the west. Circumnavigating the archipelago counter clockwise we finish with a day spare in Stanley for a town visit and obligatory pub crawl.

This voyage will visit the islands' finest wildlife sanctuaries as well as passing places of historical interest, including battlefields and wreck sites, and various settlements or 'Camps' as they are known locally.

Numbers are limited to 7 guests.  Using Pelagic Australis as base camp for this trip allows a level of "up close and personal" engagement with the subject matter; as well as unrivalled access to the remotest areas of the Falklands under the expert guidance of the Pelagic crew.

Arrival into Stanley can be either via Chile on Saturdays only (November 2nd) or with the RAF from Brize Norton arriving a day early on the Friday. Full travel details can be found below.

Costs: GBP 7,000 per person (including all in Falklands transfers but excluding flights and all other transfers)

For a taste of what is on offer view the video below



The provisional itinerary below is both weather dependent and adjustable to the wishes of the charter party.


Day 1: Arrive Mount Pleasant Airport. Transport direct to Pelagic Australis in San Carlos (46 slow land miles).

Typical Falkland Anchorage

Visit war museum and British cemetery. If weather is fine sail for night anchorage off Ajax Bay - settle in on board.

Pucara destroyed during raid on Pebble Island
Day 2: Sail for Pebble Island (excellent example of settlement life) possibly via Port San Carlos or Jersey Harbour

Day 3: Sail through Pebble Sound to Carcass (finest wildlife sanctuary) via Saunders Island (1777 Royal Marines settlement).

Day 4: Carcass Island. 

Day 5: Weather and tides permitting, sail for Jason Islands. If fine, remain for night. (Finest penguin and albatross colonies.)   Anchor off Steeple Jason.

Albatross chick Steeple Jason by Justin Hoffman

Day 6: Sail for West Point Island. Night stop. (Finest albatross colonies.)

Day 7: Short sail to Port North Bense Island anchorage. (Fine beaches - possible dolphins and whales.)

Dolphins drawn by Ewen Southby Tailyour
Day 8: Sail for New Island. (Wildlife paradise and wrecks.)

Day 9: Sail for Port Albermarle via Horse Block Rock - south about Weddell Island. (Possible dolphins and whales?)

Day 10: Sail for Fox Bay (woollen and knitwear centres), possibly via Port Edgar (site of proposed anchorage for the Royal Family in World War Two - fascinating anchorage).

Day 11: Sail for anchorage at Bull Cove

Day 12: Sail for either Fitzroy Settlement or Bluff Cove Settlement or if time permits: leave out Fitzroy and Bluff Cove and divert to Goose Green (wrecks and site of Argentine garrison and Parachute Battalion battle).


Day 13 to Stanley

Approaching Stanley

Stanley waterfront

Day 14: Overland transport to Mount Pleasant Airport



Guests would either fly once weekly to the Mt. Pleasant Airport (MPA) on the East Falkland direct from the UK (Royal Air Force 747 from Brize Norton), or every Saturday from Punta Arenas via Santiago Chile on Lan Chile. They would be met on arrival and then take Land Rover transport either to the port of Stanley or by arrangement direct to one of the ‘Camps’ on East Falkland to meet either of the vessels.  In this case it will be Port San Carlos to meet Pelagic Australis. We strongly recommend that international return flights are fully flexible to allow for missed connections due to bad weather.


We suggest that if you are arriving via Chile that you plan to be in Santiago on the Thursday night prior to the early Saturday morning departure from Santiago to Mount Pleasant Airport in the Falklands. This will allow some slack for missed connections and bags that did not make connections. Note that there is only one flight per week going into the Falklands, so this is critical. We also suggest you stay at the Airport Holiday Inn while in Santiago as it is a walk across the street to the terminal. And, you can enjoy this fascinating city on the Friday and meet up with your team mates.

For more information on the Falkland Islands in general, see the Falkland Islands Tourist Board Website or contact: Falkland Islands Government House, 14 Broadway, Westminster, London SW1 HDB11. Tel: 44 (0)207 222 2542

Falklands Travel Agents

The Falklands are a specialist destination. Local agents to book your flights to Mount Pleasant Airport in the Falklands and arrange for transfer to the vessel once there are: International Tours and Travel LTD 1 Dean Street Stanley FIQQ1ZZ Falkland Islands +500 22041 tel +500 22042 fax Contact: Sally Ellis


Equipment List 1 - For expedition cruises to Antarctica, South Georgia, Tierra del Fuego and all Arctic destinations.


Bring your camera. Rick can advise on equipment if required.


For more details of what is on offer see the slide show below.

Other information about our Falklands destination see Falkland Islands Close Up - A cruise of Falkland Island waters recounted by Magnus Day and Silvia Varela written for the Chronicles of The Cruising Club of America Issue 59. Click for 2 mb pdf of the full article >>  and see the destination page here>>

See slide show below for a flavour of this cruise