PROGRAMME 2022 - 2023

Cape Horn & The Beagle Channel 25 Feb - 14 Mar 2025

A 5/6 day package of RYA Yachtmaster Coastal and Offshore Theory instruction in Puerto Williams followed by a 12 day cruise of the Beagle Channel , on board the Pelagic 77 Vinson of Antarctica, with the possibility, weather permitting, of a rounding of and visit to Cape Horn.

There are two standalone components to this package:

The Pelagic RYA Yachtmaster Coastal and Offshore Theoretical Syllabus. A 5/6 day shore based instruction course covering the standard syllabus. See details here>>

Pelagic Expeditions is a recognized and licensed RYA training facility. Pelagic Expeditions will provide a qualified RYA Instructor to conduct the instruction of the Yachtmaster Coastal/Offshore Theory syllabus.

This takes place in Puerto Williams with time to sample the delights of the Southernmost yacht club in the world on board the Micalvi as well as walks in the hills and visits to the town.

Vinson of Antarctica in Puerto Williams

Shorebased yacht master coastal/offshore navigation theory

Puerto Williams with clubhouse ship Micalvi in the background

"Shorebased instruction" on Micalvi

In the hills above Puerto Williams

A 12 day cruise of the Beagle Channel and possible rounding of Cape Horn. This 12 day cruise visits various anchorages in the epic scenery of the Beagle Channel which offer spectacular views, fishing opportunities, shore side BBQs, walking and scrambling and abundant wildlife to watch. See photos and video below and Beagle Channel destination page for more background.

Weather permitting the highlight of the trip is a rounding of Cape Horn and landing there to visit the light house and monument .

For those seeking to build miles towards RYA or other qualifications this cruise offers the possibility of notable personal log book entries including Cape Horn.

Spectacular scenery in the Beagle Channel

Netting Mullet

Abundant wild and bird life in the anchorages

Breaking glacier ice for Cocktail Hour!

BBQ ashore

Pre prandial refreshments

Anchoring by a glacier in the Beagle Channel

Rounding Cape Horn on Vinson of Antarctica

Ashore Cape Horn



Skip Novak's video highlights of The Beagle Channel cruise with a rounding of Cape Horn


Please Note: A reasonable degree of fitness and vitality is necessary for making this an enjoyable experience. However this is a much less rigorous sailing experience than our longer distance voyages to Cape Town, Antarctica or South Georgia, with most nights spent at anchor. It is an ideal taster for those considering a longer voyage or an ideal opportunity to enjoy the Pelagic experience on Vinson of Antarctica for those who cannot spare the time to do one of our longer trips.

In order take part in the theory course it is essential that the student is fluent in spoken and written English.


Vinson of Antarctica is run as a "dry ship" when at sea and possibly at some anchorages when there is a real possibility of having to 'up anchor' and move off. This is at the Skipper's discretion. In port reasonable amounts of alcohol can be consumed but excessive alcohol consumption that leads to situations which put people at risk, or where the harmony of life on board is disturbed to an extent that other guests are made uncomfortable will not be tolerated. If this situation arises, the Skipper reserves the right to return to port and to disembark any Charterer at an intermediary port, or disembark the entire group in a group charter if necessary.



Students will arrive in Puerto Williams on 25 Feb 2025 via a LATAM flight from Santiago to Punta Arenas followed by a DAP airlines flight from Punta Arenas to Puerto Williams. See . Students can immediately go straight on board. For early arrivals we can recommend hostel or hotel accommodation for those nights prior to the embarkation date, and meals on those days will be the responsibility of the students.

Having moved on board, on 25 Feb , the students begin the 5/6 day RYA Yachtmaster Coastal/Offshore Theory course in a classroom in Puerto Williams. On or about 2 March, Vinson of Antarctica will depart Puerto Williams and begin the cruise through the Beagle Channel. If the weather is favourable, time permits and the necessary clearances can be achieved a visit to or rounding of Cape Horn is a possibility.


Crew must make sure they have visas, if required, for Chile. Photocopies of these visas and proof of a return ticket out of Chile will be required by Pelagic Expeditions. It is essential that you have at least two clear pages in your passport BEFORE entering Chile.


GBP 12,000. This cost includes:

Not included:


See details here>>


Equipment List 2

Please  e-mail Skip Novak to reserve a place


Vinson of Antarctica rounding The Horn