Sailing on the edge.  Pelagic Australis anchored to the edge of an ice shelf in Antarctica.

Programme 2021/2022

COVID 19: Due to the continuing uncertainty of travel restrictions still very much in place, particularly in the southern South American theatre, we are not taking any bookings for visitors for Vinson of Antarctica for the 2021/22 and the 2022/2023 seasons. Projects that are willing to quarantine will be considered, i.e. film support and science support. Let’s see how things develop in the next six months.



Dates and Outline


26 Mar - 5 May 2022 - Delivery Puerto Williams to Cape Town on the new Pelagic 77, Vinson of Antarctica - Puerto Williams, Chile, to Cape Town circa 40 days. Annually, Pelagic Australis sails from South American waters in early April and makes a 42 day delivery to Cape Town South Africa.  Taking in a cruise of local anchorages before setting off, this is an opportunity to build miles towards RYA qualifications and practise ocean navigation, seamanship and storm sailing skills based on the Pelagic Syllabus. Details >>

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True adventure! Pelagic Australis at anchor rides out a 70 knot gust in Ocean Harbour  S. Georgia.
Photo: John Pearson